How to Start Your Own Automotive Mobile Detail Business

How to Start Your Own Automotive Mobile Detail BusinessYou can start and run your own mobile detail business, and be in business for yourself, and make a nice decent living doing it. You can offer this type of business two ways. If you don’t have a lot of money to buy a pressure washer yet, and a trailer to haul your water and chemicals with, you can still start this business on a smaller budget. You can always start at the bottom and then build it up from there!You could start out with just offering hand waxing and polishing jobs by hand. This is a service that is labor intensive polishing and waxing any car or vehicle by hand, so you should charge accordingly. A hand wax detail job, is usually the best you can get. It should be easier to get to all the “hard to reach areas” when you do it by hand, instead of just using a buffing machine that misses a lot of places. You could make up fliers offering your services and prices. Some of the best places to put your fliers are, on expensive cars. These owners usually like to keep their nice new cars, looking sharp!After you become experienced in the fine art of detailing cars by hand, you should purchase a new, or used, pressure washer. Lots of states now require mobile auto detailers to reclaim their used water and recycle it. So check with your state first to be sure what their rules are, before you purchase anything! You can get lots of customers from advertising in local newspapers and by putting an inexpensive magnetic sign on your vehicle with your name and number. It never hurts to pass out hundreds of fliers in the beginning, and pass them out to as many people as you can, to get the calls coming in quickly!